Strong Girls

strength training women

What is: Strong Girls?

Steve created this class as an introduction and opportunity for women to learn and experience strength training. Women typically only exercise for endurance using cardio exercise methods.  Strength is one of the most important aspects of your health. Our classes will make you stronger, more flexible and look leaner.

Bone strength is important for everyone, but as we get older our bone strength naturally declines especially when we enter the Menopause.

There is a myth that women who perform strength exercises will become too muscular, this simply is not true. By nature, the female body has less testosterone and so reacts proportionally to exercise. Those pictures you have seen of ‘muscular women’ are in fact female bodybuilders which is a completely different discipline compared to training your body for strength.

This is the perfect class for women to learn the correct techniques, to progress in a methodical way, to lose weight and reduce fat to look leaner. You burn the same amount of calories once you have mastered the individual exercises compared to cardio based exercise regimes!

Being able to perform strength exercises is all about the correct technique (form) which is much more difficult to learn when you are more focussed on maximum reps and speed work. If you don’t understand the technique and don’t demonstrate good form you may injure yourself.

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