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Why women should do resistance training.

Eleiko world leaders in resistance equipment have saying strong is happy, or you could say stronger is happier.

Women are often reluctant to do a resistance program because the fear of losing their femininity, I can guaranty you girls will actually look more feminine by having a more shapely firmer look.
This is what’s going to happen if you come to my gym and have a tailor made resistance program and top quality coaching.

Firmer, shapely figure {resistance training whether body weight exercises, cables, weights or machines is the only method that will really make a difference to the firmness of your muscles, it is not running, hours on cross trainers, cycles, or any piece of cardio equipment}.

Stronger bones, tendons {you can take as many supplements as you want to stave off osteoporosis, resistance training is the best way of keeping those bones stronger, you will be thanking resistance training in your elderly years for keeping your self mobile.

Stronger immune system {your muscular system is an extension of your nervous system, and your nervous system is related to your immune system, stronger people have less tendency to suffer illness such as colds, flu’s and most diseases.

Better fat loss {resistance training can have a hormonal effect on your body, if done properly you will start to produce growth hormones, these hormones keep you looking younger and have the best fat burning properties ever. You will sleep better, and stop producing stress hormones, (come on what are you waiting for).

The feeling of being firmer, leaner and stronger {probably the best bi-product of resistance training, the feeling of being firming and healthier is the main reason people should do resistance training, if done properly the benefits are unsurpassed.

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