Everything right about being pretty and strong:
Why women should do resistance training:
Eleiko world leaders in research equipment have a saying: "strong is happy" (Eleiko.com, 2018).
Women are often reluctant to do resistance training because they fear losing their femininity. I can guarantee you will look more feminine by having a sharper firmer look; which you can gain by joining my gym and completing a  tailor-made resistance program, with a top quality coach.
Resistance weight training, weather bodyweight exercise, cables, weights or machines, is the only method that will develop your muscles; Not running, cross training, cycling, or any cardio equipment.
You will develop stronger bones and tendons: you can take as many supplements as you want to stave off osteoporosis, but resistance training is the best way to keep bones strong.
The younger you access resistance weight training, the more mobile you will be further down the line.
You will develop a stronger immune system: your muscles connect to your nervous system, which relates to your immune system. Therefore, strong people have less tendency to suffer illness.
Resistance weight training burns fat stores: resistance training has hormonal effects on your body, allowing you to produce growth hormones, which burn fat.
Resistance weight training also allows you to sleep better and reduces stress, no more sleepless nights!
The best by-product of resistance weight training is feeling happier and healthier; the benefits are unsurpassed.
  (Eleiko.com, 2018)                                                                                                    (YouTube, 2018)

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